I updated to the latest build of WKO4, and now my charts take extra time to load. Why?

In order to maintain high speed standards, WKO4 calculates and stores compiled reports. Once compiled, the system provides rapid use of all reports and charts. 

Sometimes a new build of WKO4 will force recalculations of data, which will initially slow reports until the recalculations have taken place. Here's the simplest way to get everything back up to speed:

  1. Click on an athlete in the Left-Hand Explorer.
  2. Open the Performance Manager Chart (such as PMC Cycling) and select the All Workouts range in the Right-Hand Explorer. 
  3. Allow both the top (parent) chart and first bottom (child) chart time to populate (can take up to three minutes depending on how much data the athlete has).
  4. Once the top and bottom charts have both loaded, click through all of the child charts on the bottom, one at a time, allowing each to load before moving on to the next one.

The athlete's data should now be fully compiled and easily accessible.

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