Why are my charts missing?

When you install WKO4, the installer creates the Default Library folder and puts all the default charts in it. Then the first time you launch the WKO4 app, it copies the contents of the Default Library to the local Chart Library in Documents\WKO4. This way you never have to worry about losing the default charts, as they are protected internally.

Sometimes certain changes in your WKO4 setup (especially moving folders and data around on your hard drive) can result in missing charts. Here's how to get your charts back.

First, make sure you're on the latest build of WKO4 by checking for an update.

If charts are missing for one particular athlete, navigate to the folder Documents/WKO4/ATHLETENAME/Charts/Athlete (the athlete's name will replace ATHLETENAME in the file path) and check whether the folder contains any charts. 

The next folder to check is Documents/WKO4/Chart Library/Athlete and /Workout. These folders should contain all the charts that come preinstalled in WKO4.

If there are chart files in both locations, close WKO4 and relaunch it. Your charts should be available.

If you still experience trouble, let's check to see if your main chart library is populated.

  • On PC, navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\TrainingPeaks\WKO4\Default Library\Athlete and \Workout folders.
  • On Mac, navigate to your Applications folder, CTRL-click on WKO4, and click Show Package Contents. In the Contents folder, navigate to the Resources\Default Library\Athlete and \Workout folders.

If there are charts in these folders, close WKO4, navigate to Documents\WKO4, and delete the Chart Library folder. The next time you run WKO4, it will see the Chart Library folder is missing and re-copy the Default Library to your local Chart Library in Documents\WKO4.

If there are no charts in the main chart library, exit WKO4 and re-run the WKO4 install process to create the Default Library folder:

  1. Exit WKO4.
  2. Navigate to your Documents folder and rename the WKO4 folder (we suggested "WKO4 Saved" or something similar).
  3. Relaunch WKO4. This will run the setup wizard again.
  4. You can then set up your athletes again and drag-and-drop any workouts or files from the "WKO4 Saved" folder into the WKO4 window. Alternatively, you can choose to do a fresh re-sync with your TrainingPeaks account.

After this is done, check the main library folders referenced above. If there are still no charts in those folders, please submit a ticket here and include a screenshot of the folder contents (or lack thereof).

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