Syncing Your ithlete HRV Scores to TrainingPeaks

With the recent integration between ithlete and TrainingPeaks, ithlete Pro users can now sync their accounts to TrainingPeaks to gain further insight in to how training affects their HRV.

To initiate the connection and start sending your HRV scores to TrainingPeaks you must have an ithlete Pro account. Log in to your Pro account either on mobile or desktop and scroll over to the TrainingPeaks widget.

From there, select the option to sync in the widget.

This will redirect you to the TrainingPeaks log in page where you can then enter in your username and password for the account that you would like to sync your HRV metrics to, and confirm that you would like to allow permission to sync.

Once you have connected your ithlete and TrainingPeaks accounts it will show the two accounts as connected via the TrainingPeaks widget in ithlete.

Once the sync is established between ithlete and TrainingPeaks, each ithlete HRV score from then on will be automatically sent to the connected TrainingPeaks account and will be displayed as a metric for that day.

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