How to search within workouts in WKO4

There are numerous ways to filter or search workouts in WKO4. Several preset date filters are provided in the dropdown menu of the search box in the LHE (Left-Hand Explorer), but you can type in custom filters, as well. 

Before you begin your search, make sure you are at the workout level; simply double-click on an athlete's name to view the workouts.

Filter by date

To filter workouts by custom dates, try the following formats, replacing the word DATE with the date of your choice:

  • date>DATE
  • date<DATE
  • date=>DATE
  • date=<DATE

Filter by text

To find a word or words contained in the title, description, post-workout notes, and tags of workouts, simply type the term you're looking for into the LHE search box. For example, if you're trying to find the workouts you described in your post-workout notes as painful, type the word painful into the search bar.

Filter by workout tag

To filter only by tag, type the exact, complete tag text in the LHE search bar as follows (replacing the word TAG with your desired text:


Tags are atomic; the text has to match the tag exactly. For example, filtering by the tag “race” won’t include workouts with the tag “raceday”.

Filter by sport type

To filter workouts by sport type, use the following format, replacing the word TYPE with your desired sport type:


Filter by data/output

To filter workouts by specific data, type in the metric you're looking for and the requirement. For example:

  • IF>1.0
  • TSS<150
  • work>1500

Using more than one filter

Once you find search terms that work (be sure to test each one first), you can combine them by using the word "and" (without the quotation marks. For example:

hastag("race") and date=>1/1/2016

This filter will return all workouts on or since January 1, 2016 that have been tagged "race".

If your combined filter isn't returning any workouts, check all the individual filters and make sure each of them works on its own.

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