The anonymous usage data WKO4 collects

When installing WKO4, users are prompted to specify whether or not they will allow WKO4 to collect anonymous usage data regarding the software. What exactly does this mean?

The software collects no athlete or workout data, and we have no access to that data through WKO4. We are committed to maintaining the safety and integrity of all WKO4 users' workout and training data, and we do not send or transmit it anywhere, except when users choose to send it themselves by syncing their data with TrainingPeaks. 

What the software does collect is basic information about the user's hardware and operating system so that we can know what to test in the event of problems or bugs. The software also tracks the version of the software being used so that we know whether a user is running an old version. The software also tracks how long the program was running and whether it crashed so that we can measure stability.

Here is the exact information collected and recorded by WKO4:

  • AppName - WKO4
  • AppVersion - The build number
  • OSVer - The version of the user's OS
  • CPUType - Type of CPU (i.e. i7)
  • CPUBits - 32 or 64
  • CPUSpeed - Speed of CPU
  • CPUCount - Number of CPU
  • RAMSize - Amount of RAM
  • ModelName - Model of computer
  • Language - Preferred language setting
  • Display Count - Number of displays attached
  • AnonymousID - A number generated purely at random
  • CleanExit - Indicates whether WKO4 crashed
  • Duration - Duration of time WKo4 is running
  • AthleteCount - Number of athletes
  • Trial - Whether trial or registered
  • TimeStamp - Date and time when the message was sent
  • TransactionID - A checksum so we can check the data is authentic or tampered

Here is an example of a usage data report collected from a WKO4 user's machine:

[{"AnonymousID":"d8c183afe709d7cef652ba1ac567509c","AppName":"WKO4","AppVersion":"269","AthleteCount":"2","CPUBits":"64-bit","CPUCount":"2","CPUSpeed":"3.060000","CPUType":"Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9900 @ 3.06GHz","CleanExit":"1","DisplayCount":"1","Duration":"321","Language":"it","ModelName":"MacBookPro5,3","OSVer":"10.11.4","RAMSize":"4096","Timestamp":"2016-04-18T19:52:50","TransactionID":"4023428dcf5fdd4fd9a3dfd51f5caff0","Trial":""}]

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