Retirement of Device Agent and WKO 3.0

Device Agent

TrainingPeaks Device Agent was retired on November 1, 2016.  Device Agent will no longer sync to TrainingPeaks as of March 1st, 2017.  Device Agent will continue to run locally on your PC or Mac and can be used to save files to your computer. However, you will need to switch to an alternative method for uploading your training data. Most device manufacturers offer an automatic sync to TrainingPeaks. The complete list of services can be found here.  The retirement of Device Agent will not affect any workouts that have already been uploaded to TrainingPeaks with Device Agent.

How to download files from your device into TrainingPeaks

Other Devices and apps
  • If you can export a .fit or .tcx file, you can drag and drop onto TrainingPeaks directly.  TrainingPeaks can read most file types, but not all are directly compatible.
  • If the file does not have time-series data (second-by-second data) then it may lead to display issues or inaccurate calculations of the data. Time-series data records a data point each second to give a complete understanding of what was happening during your workout, providing the most accurate representation of the data.

AutoMerge: If you had previously been using Device Agent to merge files, you can find instructions on how to AutoMerge below: 

How Do I use AutoMerge

WKO+ 3.0

WKO+ 3.0 was retired on March 1st, 2017, with final retirement March 1st, 2018.  It will continue to run locally on your computer and you can still use it normally as long as a Windows update or hardware upgrade doesn't disable it.  At this time, no further activations will be issued.

WKO+ 3.0 will no longer be able to upload workout to or download workouts from TrainingPeaks, so workout will have to be imported manually.  Workout files in .pwx or .tcx format can be dragged and dropped onto the WKO 3.0 window.  .fit files can be imported using Device Agent as long as it is still working on your computer.

We will no longer be able to provide technical support or troubleshooting if WKO 3.0 malfunctions.  You can find the complete WKO 3.0 user guide and troubleshooting documentation here.

WKO+ 3.0 workout data (including comments, titles, and descriptions) can be imported directly into WKO. When WKO is installed you can follow the setup wizard to import your WKO 3.0 data.  More information about that can be found here.  






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