Timex and the Retirement of Device Agent

TrainingPeaks Device Agent will no longer be supported as of November 1, 2016 (read more details here).  As long as Device Agent recognizes your Timex device you will be able to use it to upload to TrainingPeaks until early 2017.  After that, you can use Device Agent to save your workout files to your local computer, and they can then be manually uploaded to TrainingPeaks. 

The drivers that allow Timex devices to communicate with Device Agent have been retired.  As a result, they can be disabled by some Windows and Mac OS X updates.  If Device Agent no longer recognizes your device after trying the troubleshooting recommendations in the following links, then you will need to contact Timex support for further assistance - http://www.timex.com/support


Tips and Troubleshooting:

Please Note: TrainingPeaks was merely the downloading software for Timex Devices; Specific hardware issues should be directed to Timex.  If you continue to have trouble, please contact Timex directly about the drivers or any hardware issues at custserv@timex.com.

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