Why doesn't my running Efficiency Factor (EF) in WKO4 match TrainingPeaks?

You may occasionally find a running workout that calculates different Efficiency Factor (EF) numbers in WKO4 and TrainingPeaks. The reason for this is that TrainingPeaks calculates running EF slightly differently depending on whether you've selected English or metric units, whereas WKO4 calculates EF the same way regardless.

TrainingPeaks uses two different calculations for running EF: one for metric (meters/heartbeat) and a different one for English (yards/heartbeat). WKO4 uses only one calculation (meters/heartbeat). If your TrainingPeaks account settings are set to English units of measurement, you'll see EF in yards/heartbeat in TrainingPeaks, which will not match WKO4's meters/heartbeat. If you switch to metric units in TrainingPeaks, the EF will match WKO4.

The standard expression for EF in WKO4 is:

ef (gives meters/heartbeat)

Do you use English units and want WKO4 and TrainingPeaks to be the same? Simply change the expression you use for EF in WKO4. Since the conversion factor for meters to yards is 0.9144, use this expression to get yards/heartbeat:

ef * 0.9144 (gives yards/heartbeat)

Alternatively, you can make EF use yards/heartbeat or meters/heartbeat based on whatever is specified in your WKO4 preferences (metric or English) by using this expression:

ef * if(distance/metric(distance)<>1, 0.9144, 1)

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