TrainingPeaks Daily Workout IQ app FAQ and Troubleshooting


  • I'm getting a "No structured workouts found" message  
    • The workout wasn't created using the Workout Builder.  If the workout only has instructions entered in the description or comments field it won't be shown in your list of workouts.
    • Make sure that you have a compatible structured workout on your calendar for that day - the Daily Workout IQ app only syncs the current workout, not future workouts
    • Structured workouts on your TrainingPeaks calendar must be a compatible sport type for your device.  The following devices can accept the following structured workout sport types
      • Edge series bike computers - Bike or MTB
      • Forerunner 645, 735, 935, Fenix 5 watches - Run, bike, MTB, walk, row
      • Swimming workouts are not supported on any device at this time
  • The app is closing or returning to the TrainingPeaks logo screen before the workout is downloaded
    • Garmin devices limit the number of workouts that can be saved on the device at one time.  Try removing any other structured workouts from your device and then sync again. You can delete workouts from your device by plugging it into your computer and navigating to “Garmin > workouts”
    • If your device came preloaded with the Daily Workout IQ app you may need to delete it, factory reset your device, and then reinstall the IQ app from Garmin Connect
  • The Daily Workout IQ app is telling me to pair my phone
    • You should get a push notification on your phone the first time you open the IQ app. Opening that notification should open the Garmin Connect Mobile app and guide you through the connection process
    • If you don't get a push notification you may need to open the Garmin Connect Mobile app and check the Notifications inbox
    • If you don't get any notifications on your phone to connect the app make sure that you have a compatible phone and operating system, the most current version of the Garmin Connect app, and that you have a consistent Bluetooth connection
  • What devices are the TrainingPeaks Daily Workout app compatible with?
    • The Daily workout app is currently compatible with the Garmin Edge 520, 820, 1000, and 1030, the Fenix 5 series, and the Forerunner 645, 735, and 935XT.  You can see a complete list of current compatible devices here
    • The Daily Workout IQ app is not compatible with the Fenix 3, Fenix 3 HR, or the 920XT
  • I'm having other problems with the Daily Workout IQ app
    • Make sure that your device has the most current firmware installed.  The minimum firmware version for Garmin devices are the following
    • If you can't get the Daily workout IQ app to install on your device or are having another issue please submit a ticket here
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