Connecting Zwift And TrainingPeaks Accounts

Connect your TrainingPeaks account to Zwift so that completed Zwift workouts automatically sync to your TrainingPeaks account and structured TrainingPeaks workouts also sync to Zwift.

A popular question asked is, how to transfer a Zwift workout to TrainingPeaks? Simply connect Zwift to TrainingPeaks by logging into and ensuring your account is linked through the connections page

If you connected them some time ago or your accounts aren't syncing, try disconnecting and reconnecting them again through the connections page. 

To find structured workouts in Zwift, log in and select workouts. You’ll find that day's custom workout under the TrainingPeaks dropdown. If it’s not at the top, scroll down. You’ll see the activity for the current day, and it will update each day automatically. If you want to save a workout permanently to your Zwift workout folder, add it manually.

More information about using Zwift and TrainingPeaks together can be found here.


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