How views and dashboards work in WKO5

Views are a powerful new feature in WKO5. A view is a collection of dashboards that can be saved and applied to as many athletes as you wish, enabling you to change a particular dashboard or chart and instantly update it for all athletes using that view. Views can be copied, exported, and imported just like charts and dashboards. A common use for views is to display different dashboards for athletes of different sports; for example, you may want a view for run athletes and a different view for triathlete or cycling athletes.

Views are made up of dashboards. Current WKO4 users will remember that a dashboard is a collection of individual charts; in the same way, a view is a collection of dashboards.

Charts are now stored and saved within the dashboards and views they are contained in. For this reason, you will see more than one copy of a specific chart within the WKO Chart Library if the chart occurs in more than one dashboard.

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