Can I use WKO5 and WKO4 at the same time?

WKO5 is designed as a replacement/update for WKO4 and, as such, is built to use the same data folder that WKO4 used and automatically import all historical data and thresholds for each athlete in WKO4. It is important to be aware that once you install WKO5, you will not be able to use WKO4 with the same data set. While it is possible to open both applications with the same data folder, you will notice errors in the data if you continue to use WKO4 after installing WKO5. For example, you may experience slow performance for both applications, duplication of your data, and processing errors. We do not support issues and problems that occur when you use both applications with the same data folder.

Before installing WKO5, we recommend making a backup of your WKO4 data folder. Click here to view full installation instructions for upgrading to WKO5 from WKO4.

If you upgrade to WKO5 as a WKO4 user, WKO5 will automatically find the WKO4 data folder and use it unless you specify a different data folder. This is the ideal scenario, as long as you do not plan to continue using WKO4.

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