Can I use WKO5 and WKO4 at the same time?

WKO5 is designed as a replacement/update for WKO4. You will not be able to have WKO4 and WKO5 open at the same time, though you will not lose the ability to run WKO4; you’ll just need to close WKO5 before opening WKO4. 

However, WKO4 and WKO5 are not intended to be used together. Continuing to use both WKO4 and WKO5 with the same data folder will result in slow performance for both applications, duplication of your data, and processing errors. We do not support issues and problems that occur when you use both applications with the same data folder.

If you upgraded to WKO5 as a WKO4 user, WKO4 and WKO5 will use the same data folder and workout files. There are a number of things that the two apps will not share, most notably the following:

  • Athlete metrics: When WKO5 is first installed, it will import all athlete information and metrics from WKO4 up to that date, but future changes to athlete information or metrics made in either WKO4 or WKO5 will not update in the other; any changes will need to be made in both places.
  • Charts: When WKO5 is first installed, it will import all charts and dashboards from WKO4, but future charts created in either WKO4 or WKO5 will not save to the other. WKO4 charts can be imported individually into WKO5, but WKO5 charts cannot be used in WKO4.
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