How to fix data spikes and other bad data in WKO5

There are several indications that an athlete may have some bad data, including the following:

  • Very high wattages in the athlete's Mean Maximal Power Curve or Power Duration (PD) Curve
  • No phenotype, Pmax, VO2max, TTE, FRC, and/or mFTP displayed in the Hero Bar (only dashes instead)
  • Power-duration-based charts (such as the Power-Duration Curve, Optimized Intervals, and iLevels) do not work
  • There are bumps or jagged drops on the athlete’s mean max power curve
  • Workouts display no TIS (training stress score)

Once you have determined there is bad data, the next step is to pinpoint its location in your workout(s). Scroll down below for a video tutorial.

Find the bad data

At the athlete view, open the Find Power Spikes & Bad Cycling Data dashboard, which displays peak power numbers, the athlete’s MMP (mean max power) curve, and workouts with unusually high IF (intensity factor). If your data is accurate, the average of your top five peak power points should generally be 90-95% of your max peak power numbers. If any average is below 90-95% of the max, you probably have some bad data, also shown by "bumps" or spikes in the MMP Curve.

Locate each bad data point

Right-click (PC) or CTRL-click (Mac) on any bar above the dashed line on the spike chart, any bump/spike on the MMP curve, or any red bar on the IF chart to show the date of the workout that contains the spike. Click on the date to navigate directly to that workout.

While viewing the workout containing the spike, open the Power Spike ID and Fix Dashboard from the WKO Dashboard Library. All power spikes will be shown as bars on the chart; spikes over 400% of the athlete’s bike threshold power are shown in red, spikes over 300% of bike threshold power are shown in green, and spikes over 200% of bike threshold power are shown in purple. Focus on the red spikes first.

Click on one red bar in the upper chart pane. The data point will be shown in the Sensor Data report below.

Correct the bad data

To correct the bad data point, simply double-click directly on the bad data cell in the Sensor Data report and then type in whatever data you want to insert.

Repeat the above steps for any remaining data points and spikes in the workout. It is also helpful to review the Entire Workout range for any additional spikes.

Confirm you have cleared all the bad data

Once power spikes are cleaned, there shouldn't be any more bad data points, your average peak power numbers should fall in the 90-95% of your max numbers (as viewed on the “Find Cycling Data Spikes with MMP Curve” chart”), and your MMP Curve should be fairly smooth. The athlete’s phenotype, Pmax, VO2max, TTE, FRC, and mFTP should now be displayed on the Hero Bar. If these are still not occurring, repeat the steps above.


Video Tutorial

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