Can I install and use WKO5 on two computers?

When you purchase a WKO5 license, you can activate WKO5 on two of your own computers of the same operating system. 

You can use a WKO license on two of your own Mac computers (a laptop and desktop computer, for example) or on two of your own PC computers. You cannot use the same license on a PC computer and on a Mac computer.

If you want to run WKO on a Mac and also on a PC, you will need to purchase two licenses, one for Mac computers and one for PC computers.

Please note: Sharing a WKO license with another user is not authorized. WKO is licensed on a non-exclusive basis, not sold. Subject to this EULA, TrainingPeaks grants you a revocable, non-exclusive, personal, limited, nontransferable license to install and use WKO on up to two separate computers or devices that you own or control at any one time, each having the operating system you select when you download the software, solely for: (1) your personal, non-commercial use only; or (2) for purposes of training athletes only, provided that (a) you have a written agreement with such athletes to provide training services to them, and (b) you are not providing the software as a service bureau for third parties. 

If you have additional questions on how to install WKO on your Mac computer and/or PC Computer, please submit a help ticket so we can assist you. 

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