How to Set Up an Athlete's FTP History In WKO5

Athlete's functional threshold power changes over time, and to ensure accuracy in training analysis, it is important to track that history. Here is how:

 How to set FTP:

  • Open the Athlete Details page by clicking on the athlete's name. Expand the Metrics section if necessary.
  • Select the sport FTP desired to open the current list of entries for that FTP.
  • Click the + button at the bottom of the history window to add a new FTP entry. A new FTP record will appear.
  • Click on the new FTP number to edit the FTP.
  • Click on the new date (probably set to Today) to edit the date.


  How to record historical FTP data using the Power Duration Model:

  • Download the sFTP History Review Dashboard here and drag it into your WKO window to open. This dashboard contains a copy of the Athlete Details page and mFTP review charts.
  • Set the date range in the RHE (right-hand explorer) to All Workouts.
  • Make a note of the significant FTP numbers in the lower charts and enter them in the FTP settings in the Athlete Details chart.
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