How To Get Workout Files Into WKO5

There are several different ways to get workout files into WKO5:

Download from TrainingPeaks account:

WKO is designed to work seamlessly with your TrainingPeaks coach or single user account. A premium account is not required.

  • Enter your TrainingPeaks user name and password during installation (coaches, use your coaching account login).
  • Set the download options for each athlete by clicking on the athlete's name to open Athlete Details and entering the TrainingPeaks account information (click Edit to open the account link window).


Download directly from Garmin device:

Please note that if you have your Zwift, TrainerRoad, or similar accounts set to automatically send your workouts to TrainingPeaks, you do not need to import files directly from your Garmin device; in fact, doing so may create duplicates of your workouts in WKO.  

  • On any computer currently running WKO, simply plug in your Garmin device. 
  • After a few seconds, an import wizard will appear; just follow the instructions.


Drag and drop from file locations

  • WKO5 can parse the following workout file formats:


Please note: Workout files from Garmin Forerunner watches (including the Garmin FR 735, FR 945, and FR 920) cannot currently be imported directly into WKO5. We are working on a solution, and in the meantime, the workaround is to load your workouts to TrainingPeaks and download them into WKO5 from TrainingPeaks.

  • Simply drag the desired workout file over the WKO window and release. This will launch an import wizard; follow instructions.



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