Creating Ranges in WKO

A range is a period of time or area of interest that you would like to examine further or save for future review. At the athlete level, you might want to make a range across two specific months of your training in order to better examine that area or view the metrics for just those months. At the workout level, you might want to compare two different intervals.

To create ranges:

  • Click the + button at the bottom of the list of ranges in the RHE (right-hand explorer).
  • Enter a name, a start date or workout timestamp, and an end date or workout timestamp for your custom time range.
  • You can define date ranges at athlete view using expressions like "today" and with mathematical operation. For example, in the date field you can type "today-365" to create a rolling one-year chart.

You can search your ranges in the filter/search box at the top of the RHE. For example, you can create ranges around all the base time periods and then filter your ranges by these periods. Click on each of these ranges to view data in charts for these periods alone.


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