Copying The WKO 3.0 Data Folder From Windows Parallels To Mac For Import Into WKO5

To complete the upgrade of WKO5 on Mac, you will need to copy your WKO3 data files and store them on your Mac desktop.

  • Open Windows for Mac.
  • Navigate to your WKO3 data file previously located in Windows at Documents>TrainingPeaks>WKO>DATA.
  • COPY the DATA file to a memory stick or any storage device or system.  DO NOT DELETE. Please ensure you copy the entire data folder, not individual athletes.
  • Close Windows for Mac.
  • Save the DATA file to your Mac desktop or documents (or another obvious location).
  • During the setup of WKO, when you choose to upgrade from a previous version of WKO, you will navigate to this folder when asked as below:



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