Installation Of WKO5 - Upgrade From WKO+ 2.2 or 3.0

  • Make a backup copy of your WKO+ data:
    • Navigate to your WKO+ data folder at Documents>TrainingPeaks>WKO.
    • COPY the DATA folder to a USB memory stick or another storage device of your choosing. DO NOT DELETE YOUR ORIGINAL WKO+ 3.0 FILES.
  • Download and install WKO5 from
  • Open WKO5 to initiate the setup wizard.
  • When asked how you want to import/sync data, choose the Upgrade from WKO+ V2.2 or V3 option and click Next.
  • WKO should automatically find your WKO+ data file. If it doesn't, browse to the location of your WKO+ data file (named cyclingpeaks.dat), select that, and press Open. Complete the setup wizard.
  • WKO will launch and begin importing your WKO+ data. This may take some time; please be patient. 
  • If you experience a crash during import (likely due to old types of data), just restart the app; it should pick up where it left off.

Once the import is complete, if you wish to link your TrainingPeaks account or TrainingPeaks coach account with an athlete in WKO, click here for instructions.

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