Downloading Data From TrainingPeaks In WKO

When you first start using WKO, it’s not necessary to do a bulk import of files from TrainingPeaks, as long as you have your data stored in your account on, as WKO will download the data automatically. It will take some time to sync your TrainingPeaks data into WKO; depending on the amount of data stored in TrainingPeaks, it could take a few hours. 

How to set sync options for each athlete

  • Open WKO.
  • Click on the athlete's name at the top of the WKO window.
  • Click the "Edit" button by the TrainingPeaks Athlete field.
  • Log in with your coach account user name and password, or with your personal user name and password if you are the only user.
  • When the login is successful, the list of available athletes will appear in the drop-down list, which initially shows "Do not sync."
  • Select the athlete from TrainingPeaks that corresponds to the current athlete in WKO
  • Close that window and then click the sync icon (2 arrows in a circle) in the upper right corner of the WKO window and select "sync with" to initiate the sync.

Note: WKO will automatically sync with TrainingPeaks until you select "Do Not Sync" for any particular athlete. 

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