How to Create A New Workout In WKO5

There might be times when you want to create a manual workout, such as when your device died during your workout or you forgot to bring your head unit. If you use TrainingPeaks and download workouts to WKO from there, it's best to create the workout in TrainingPeaks so that you'll have it in both places, but if that isn't a concern, it's simple to create a workout in WKO5 and add a description, post-workout notes, TSS, distance, duration, etc.

To create a manual workout:

  • Open WKO.
  • Click Workouts to open your list of workouts.
  • Click the + button at the bottom of the LHE (left-hand explorer). Your new workout will appear at the top of the workout list. Click on it.
    • Please note: New workouts are automatically dated the day following the last existing workout. This means that your new workout may be in the future, and you may need to select a future date range at the top of the LHE in order to view it.
  • Click on the new workout.
  • Click the Details tab.
  • Fill in all desired information.


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