How to Adjust Functional Threshold Power (FTP) for Any Sport in WKO5

Managing your FTP is critical to making sure your Training Stress Score is correct for each workout. It also determines the correct training zones for your workouts. Any time your FTP moves up or down, you should change this setting inside your Athlete Details page under the FTP setting.

To access your FTP settings:

  • Open WKO.
  • Click on the athlete's name to open the Athlete Details page.
  • Click the arrow beside Metrics to open the list.
  • Select the FTP you'd like to review or change. Each sport the athlete participates in will have an associated FTP, each editable.
  • To add a new FTP entry, click the + button under the list of FTP records. A new record will appear at the top called Today and using the last recorded FTP value by default.
  • Double click on the word “Today” to edit the date, and click on the watts to change the value.
  • To delete any FTP entry, select it and then click the - button at the bottom of the FTP history list.

Click here to read more about setting multiple thresholds in WKO5.


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