How to view and track TrainingPeaks athlete metrics in WKO5

WKO allows you to analyze athlete metrics individually and/or blend them into training data analytics to generate a powerful understanding of an athlete’s performance. Click here to read more, and click here to watch a video tutorial on working with metrics in WKO5.

View metrics in WKO5

To view metrics for an athlete in WKO5, click on the athlete's name to open Athlete Details and expand the metrics section. All tracked metrics will be listed in the column at the left; click on any metric to view, change, add, or delete entries for that metric.


Record TrainingPeaks metrics

There are three ways to record athlete metrics:

  1. In TrainingPeaks athlete accounts, record subjective feedback (perceived effort and feeling) for every workout; click here for instructions
  2. In TrainingPeaks, add metrics entries directly to the TrainingPeaks calendar; click here for instructions
  3. In WKO, click on the Details tab for any workout to record metrics there

Track and analyze TrainingPeaks metrics in WKO5

You can build charts to track and compare athlete metrics with other data. WKO includes an athlete-level dashboard titled "TP Metrics" that is a great starting place. Click here for instructions on opening a dashboard.

You can also build your own charts using the metrics in custom expressions; click here to view the list of metrics expressions.



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