How to Set Multiple Sport Thresholds in WKO5 When Upgrading From WKO4

When you upgrade from WKO4 to WKO5, your existing threshold history will be imported into WKO5. However, since WKO4 only tracks one type of threshold, you'll need to make sure to set threshold information for each sport in WKO5. Your set FTP in WKO4 will automatically be used as the FTP for all sport types in WKO5, so you'll want to adjust any threshold information for any sport if it is different from your bike threshold; click here for instructions.

All your WKO4 charts will transfer automatically to WKO5 if you upgrade from WKO4. Any WKO4 chart that uses the expression sftp will use your bike FTP by default in WKO5. If you'd like to use a different sport threshold, here's how to change that:

  • Click the down arrow by the chart title and click Configure This Chart.
  • Select each data series at the left and change sftp to bikeftp or runftp or whatever sport you need.


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