How to make WKO faster

When WKO4 users upgrade to WKO5, or when new users install WKO5 and download data from TrainingPeaks athlete accounts, the software may seem a little slow initially. The typical new user loads 5+ years of training data upon installation or upgrade, and WKO needs to compile all that data as it loads. Once the data is compiled, the software will be significantly faster as it uses compiled data instead of new data.

Here are a couple tips to help WKO compile the data faster and speed up its processing:

  • The simplest way to help WKO compile your data is to use it more. The more you use and explore WKO, the faster it will get, as each time you view a new chart or report, WKO5 will compile that report for future use.
  • To help compile a lot of data all at once, open a data-heavy dashboard (such as the Power Duration Model Dashboard), select the All Workouts range in the RHE (right-hand explorer), and allow all charts to populate. This could take 30-90 seconds (or more), but once complete, WKO will be faster.


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