WKO5 Release Notes

Build 540 (August 8, 2019)

  • Set to remember sport filter selection in athlete right-hand explorer (RHE)
  • Fixed chart data series popup labels menu
  • Fixed a crash when viewing segments and using multi-select in RHE
  • Fixed a problem highlighting tracks on map
  • Fixed a problem when exiting WKO using the macOS dock popup menu
  • Limit dates in the workout calendar panel to the range specified in the filter in the left-hand explorer (LHE)
  • Fixed a problem with workoutrange() x values
  • Fixed a problem with 1s meanmax deltatime

Build 539 (August 1, 2019)

  • Fixed vertical scrollbar issue on explorer widgets
  • View name now updates at the top of the hero bar upon renaming a view
  • Fixed a crash closing the app while the chart config dialog is visible
  • Fixed a problem validating the second parameter to ewma()
  • Fixed a crash creating a new view on PC
  • Fixed problem with mixing run power on hero bar PD metrics
  • Now converts speed to pace on run, swim, and row workouts in workout RHE
  • Fixed @rp_power alias to show power in RHE for running workouts with @rp_power
  • Set to prefer power when present on run workouts for vi, ef, pwhr, etc.
  • Set to preserve existing default views when installing updates
  • Set keyboard focus to the first widget on dialog boxes

Build 537 (July 22, 2019)

  • For a run file that has no power channel but does have a @rp_power, power and runpower use @rp_power instead
  • The Create a Smart Segment menu option is correctly disabled for files with no GPS data
  • Fixed a crash caused by empty .wko5segment files
  • Fixed a problem picking the default view by sport type at the workout level
  • Fixed a problem building a dashboard from workout level charts from WKO4 during upgrade
  • Include most recent default views in build to be copied on a fresh install
  • Fixed a problem that caused a different view to be selected when adding a chart or dashboard by double click
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