How to build charts to review indoor training data in WKO5

Cyclists are sometimes forced to spend training time indoors on a trainer for various reasons from weather issues to injuries to equipment problems. It is well known that indoor training can produce lower power numbers, and in some cases we want to track and review indoor workouts separate from outdoor. WKO makes this easy!

To track indoor workouts separately, simply tag each workout with the "trainer" tag, either in TrainingPeaks or in WKO, then use the hastag() function to build charts and reports that will use only workouts with that tag. There are numerous examples of this in our WKO Power Users Facebook group; you can search the group for discussions and shared charts.

The following are a few examples of common expressions modified for indoor training. Keep in mind that your trainer workouts must be tagged "trainer" for these to produce results.

  • Mean max power curve for indoor training: meanmax(if(hastag("trainer"),power))
  • Power-duration curve for indoor training: pdcurve(meanmax(if(hastag("trainer"),power)))
  • mFTP for indoor training: ftp(meanmax(if(hastag("trainer"),power)))
  • Weekly TSS for indoor training: sum(if(hastag("trainer"),tss),"week")
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