How is the WKO5 hero bar calculated and what sports does it include?

The hero bar in WKO5 is the area at the top of the WKO screen that displays the athlete's name, phenotype, Pmax, VO2max, TTE, FRC, mFTP, stamina, sFTP, weight, CTL, ATL, TSB, and ramp rate. Here is how the metrics are related to sport types:

  • All power-duration modeled data in the hero bar is based on cycling data from the last 90 days. This means that Pmax, VO2max, TTE, FRC, and mFTP are based on cycling data only.
  • The sFTP reported in the hero bar is the current bike FTP set in Athlete Details (click the athlete's name to view).
  • The weight reported in the hero bar is the most recent weight recorded in Athlete Details (click the athlete's name to view) and is not affected by sport type.
  • The remaining hero bar metrics of CTL, ATL, TSB, ramp, and stamina will be affected by all workout sport types.

If you're seeing dashes (--) instead of values in the power-duration metrics in the hero bar, there are two common reasons:

  1. You don't have any cycling workouts with power in the last 90 days. 
  2. There are some bad data or data spikes within the last 90 days; click here to learn how to fix bad data in WKO5.
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