Why do my multisport workouts show up in WKO with huge TSS and too long duration?

If you are a triathlete and train with Garmin watches set to multisport mode, and if your devices sync these multisport workouts directly to TrainingPeaks through Garmin Connect, you may have noticed that each of the workout portions downloaded to WKO display the total workout duration in WKO rather than the duration of that particular segment, resulting in tremendously high TSS values. This is caused by a change in the way Garmin writes its multisport files and the way those files sync into TrainingPeaks from Garmin Connect. We are working on a solution for WKO to handle this natively and avoid the duration and TSS issues.

In the meantime, the workaround is to log in to Garmin Connect and export each section of the workout/race (swim, bike, run, and transitions) as a separate file and then import these separate files into TrainingPeaks, instead of syncing them automatically to TrainingPeaks through Garmin Connect. Here's how:

1. If your workouts have already synced to TrainingPeaks through Garmin Connect, you'll need to delete them from TrainingPeaks before reimporting them as described here.

2. Log in to Garmin Connect.

3. Select the affected workout.

4. Click on one sport icon at the top of the screen:




5. Click the gear icon at the top right corner and select Export to TCX:



6. Repeat this step for each leg of the workout (swim, bike, run, transitions), giving you several different .tcx files.

7. Import these individual files into TrainingPeaks.

8. In WKO, click the refresh button at the top right of the screen to download the workouts.

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