How to Delete a View in WKO5

WKO5 does not currently offer the ability to delete views from within the software. If you are comfortable navigating through computer files, you can delete views this way:

  • Make note of the titles of the views you want to delete.
  • Close WKO5.
  • Using Finder/Explorer, navigate to your data store folder.
    • This is typically UserName > WKO5 on Mac and Documents > WKO5 on PC.
    • If you're not sure where your data folder is, open WKO5 and click Help > Data Store Location, then close WKO5 again.
  • Still using Finder/Explorer, click into the Views folder within your WKO data folder. The Views folder is divided into two sections, Athlete and Workout; click into whichever section you need.
  • Delete any unwanted views from this folder.
  • Reopen WKO5 and allow the file scans to complete.


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