How to Share a Smart Segment From WKO5

Just like charts, dashboards, and views, Smart Segments created in WKO5 can be shared with other WKO5 users. Here's how:

  1. Create a Smart Segment in WKO5 and name it whatever you wish.
  2. Using Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac), navigate to your data folder (typically in Users > UserName > Documents on PC and Users > UserName on Mac).
  3. Click into the data folder and then click into the Smart Segments folder.
  4. Copy the desired segment file (they're organized by name) and paste it into an email, flash drive, cloud folder, etc. to send to another WKO5 user.

When the other WKO5 user receives the file, he or she simply needs to drag the file into their WKO window. Your Smart Segment will be automatically added to their list of Smart Segments and be available for analyzing in their own data.

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