Why doesn't my Smart Segment work in WKO5?

The new Smart Segment feature in WKO5 provides an easy way to review, track, compare, and analyze multiple performances on the same route. A Smart Segment is a specific GPS track with a defined starting point, route, and ending point.

Once a Smart Segment is created in WKO5, any workout that contains a GPS track including the starting point, the same route, and the ending point will automatically recognize and report its version of that Smart Segment in the list of ranges in the RHE (right-hand explorer) for that workout, and that workout's version will be listed in the Segments view for that Smart Segment. 

If you have created a Smart Segment but find that it is not recognized in one or more workouts, it is generally due to one of two possible reasons.

1. The workout does not match the Smart Segment.

Remember, the GPS route must match the Smart Segment without detour. In order to recognize a Smart Segment, the workout must contain the starting point, the route, and the ending point of the Smart Segment.

For example, if you create a segment that started at the very end of a side road before turning onto a main road, any workout that starts on the main road won't match, because it does not contain the starting point of the Smart Segment. 

For another example, if you create a segment for a fifty-mile range and then another day ride that fifty-mile segment but decide to take a detour to a gas station sixty yards down a side road, that workout will not match the Smart Segment because it did not follow the GPS points between the start and the end of the Smart Segment.

2. There were too many errors in the GPS data.

GPS data is frequently affected by drift or echo, which means that the GPS data is patchy or unreliable. If there is a large amount of drift in the GPS recording of a workout, the workout will not match the Smart Segment. WKO is able to "smooth" GPS drift to a large extent, but sometimes devices malfunction or simply get it wrong. If this happens frequently, you may want to consider a new device.

If you have a Smart Segment that you believe has neither of these problems and should be recognized in a workout but is not, please submit a ticket and attach the Smart Segment file (click here for instructions on sharing a Smart Segment file), the WKO workout file in which the Smart Segment was created, and the WKO workout file for which it is not recognized (click here for instructions on exporting a workout; please choose the Save Workout As option and choose the .wko4 file format).

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