Why is my Power Duration Curve or Metrics Blank In WKO5?

Is your power duration curve (PDC) blank? Are there only dashes (--) where the power duration metrics should be? This means one of two things:

  1. Bad data or data spikes
  2. WKO cannot model the power data you've provided

Before we look at each of these scenarios, remember:

  • Your power-duration curve is based on your Mean Max Power (MMP) data. It is unique to you.
  • A sudden change in the model doesn't necessarily mean your fitness changed, but rather that you provided newer and more accurate information to the model and it adjusted your numbers accordingly.
  • The hero bar in WKO always uses the last 90 days of data for the sport(s) selected in the hero bar, while your charts and reports will use whatever sports and date range(s) are selected in the right-hand explorer (RHE). 

Scenario 1: Bad data and/or data spikes are preventing the model from calculating

Bad data and data spikes can cause drastic changes in your power-duration metrics or even cause them to disappear completely. Click here for instructions on finding and fixing data spikes.

Scenario 2: Your mean max power (MMP) data is not sufficient to populate the power duration model

When the power duration curve and/or power duration metrics in the hero bar are blank, this means that WKO can't build an accurate model of the existing MMP data in the dates selected. Since it can't produce an accurate model, WKO will alert you of insufficient data by not displaying the model.

There are two common reasons for insufficient MMP data:

  • The MMP curve is too flat
  • The MMP curve is too short

Both of these are indicators that you are not testing enough durations (this can be especially common for runners). We recommend testing a few specific durations at least four times a year, and more frequently if possible.  Click here to watch a brief video series explaining the power duration model, and click here to view a recorded webinar on how to maintain your power duration model.


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