What devices are compatible with WKO5?

WKO5 is compatible with all power meter and head unit combinations that record standard power data in a common industry format (.tcx or .fit).

Cycling Power meter data

WKO is compatible with direct-force cycling power meter data that is recorded at 1 sample per second. WKO is not compatible with resistive force power meters (iBike, PowerPod), the Powertap Powercal, or power estimation algorithms built into mobile or Garmin IQ apps.

Running power meters

WKO is compatible with Stryd, Garmin Running power, and most other current running power meters. Exceptions and additions will be added as other device enter the market and can be tested.

File types

WKO can accept properly formatted .fit, .tcx, and .pwx files. Other file types (.csv, .xlxs, .json, .gpx) may work but many will not or will not yield accurate data or complete functionality. We are limited in how much troubleshooting support we can provide for those file types.


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