Why don't my workout lap power or speed in WKO5 match the power or speed displayed in TrainingPeaks, Garmin, Zwift, etc.?

Many recording devices, analysis apps, and websites summarize recorded data, such as power and speed. These summaries and metadata are what are used in TrainingPeaks to display workout data, while WKO simply reports actual data recorded in the file.  For this reason, you may see variances between numbers stated in WKO and those stated in other apps. 

Laps are a good example of this, usually because a device records the wrong start or end time of an interval. If a device records the wrong start and/or end time of an interval and then summarizes the data and hands off that summary to TrainingPeaks, TrainingPeaks will use the summary data and match the device. When WKO downloads the workout, however, it pays no attention to the device summary, but instead reads the actual data in the file.

Here's how to test this. In TrainingPeaks, do the following:

  1. Open the workout and click the Analyze button.
  2. Zoom in around the first interval.
  3. Manually drag that interval on the chart for the exact same time.
  4. Review the power for the dragged selection; you'll likely see that it changed, even though you dragged the same time segment reported for the interval.

You can also export your workout data to Excel and run your own calculations there to verify the numbers.

Unfortunately WKO has no way of knowing that whatever marked the lap marked it in the wrong place. If you'd like to create custom ranges in any workout in WKO5, you can do so by following these directions.

Below is an example of a workout lap summarized in TrainingPeaks, followed by the same time segment manually dragged on the workout chart in TrainingPeaks. You can see that the numbers are quite different.



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