What Features Are Not Available on the TrainingPeaks Mobile App?

Some functionality on the TrainingPeaks full website is not currently available in the TrainingPeaks mobile app.  

What Features Are Not on the TrainingPeaks Mobile App?

We strive for feature parity between the web and mobile but some notable discrepancies persist.  What follows is a list of those missing features and a link to an article that demonstrates how to complete these actions on the TrainingPeaks web app.

  • Cannot add or remove a coach. Here's how.
  • Cannot Copy/Paste.  Here's how
  • Cannot add a new threshold. Here's how
  • Cannot use the Structured Workout Builder.  Here's how
  • Cannot access the Account Management Page to update billing, turn off subscription auto-renew.  Here's how.
  • Cannot Add equipment.  Here's how.

If there's a feature that exists on the full TrainingPeaks website that you'd like to see on the TrainingPeaks Mobile App let us know! Add your request to our UserVoice Forum.

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