Wahoo Fitness App

You can upload files from the Wahoo Fitness App to TrainingPeaks with the Wahoo/TrainingPeaks auto-sync.

Authorize the Wahoo Fitness App/TrainingPeaks


  1. Download the Wahoo Fitness App 
  2. Once the app finishes downloading open it and complete the initial setup instructions.
  3. Click 'Profile'
  4. Click Authorized Apps
  5. Select TrainingPeaks
  6. Enter the login credentials for your TrainingPeaks athlete account (NOT your TrainingPeaks coach account).
  7. Confirm that you will share workout files with TrainingPeaks
  8. You're finished - whenever you complete a workout on the Wahoo Fitness app that file will automatically sync to TrainingPeaks.

Of Note

  • You can upload your workout directly to TrainingPeaks through the sharing feature in the Wahoo app or email/dropbox data in .pwx, .tcx, .csv, .gpx, or.wf files for upload through the quick view or drop the file directly onto your TrainingPeaks calendar.
  • When you finish a workout, on the review page after you save there is a box with an up arrow in the upper corner.  Tap that, tap TrainingPeaks, and your data will be sent to your account.



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