MyFitnessPal Sync FAQs

Please read these Frequently Asked Questions about the MyFitnessPal Sync:

  • I have synced my MyFitnessPal account and my TrainingPeaks account.  How soon should I see my meal posted?
    • After connecting accounts, your meal should be shown within a few moments.  If you haven't seen your meal entered on your TrainingPeaks calendar in a few hours, try re-entering a meal detail again.  If the problem persists, disconnect and reconnect your accounts.
  • I have logged an activity in TrainingPeaks, will calorie expenditure send into MyFitnessPal?
    • Yes, as long as you enable "Sync meals and log activities" from the MyFitnessPal Sync sign up.  
  • I set up my sync, but didn't enable Log Activities to MyFitnessPal.  How can I enable that setting?
    • You will want to Disconnect your synced accounts and reconnect.  The option to log activities will be present and you can select:
  • Can I delete logged meals off my calendar when viewing on TrainingPeaks?
    • The Nutrition Tile in TrainingPeaks is read-only and cannot be edited/ deleted from within TrainingPeaks. If you need to update and or delete, access the meal from within MyFitnessPal and make those changes. 
  • Will my historical meal entries sync into my TrainingPeaks account after connecting with MyFitnessPal?
    • No, historical entries will not sync into TrainingPeaks.
  • What happens if a day from MyFitnessPal fails to sync?
    • You can go back into the "skipped" day in MyFitnessPal, and either add a small snack or change a food. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and select "complete entry". This will initiate a sync with TrainingPeaks for that day.



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