You can upload structured workouts from TrainingPeaks to TechnoGym MyRun treadmill and automatically sync completed TechnoGym workouts to TrainingPeaks for post-workout analysis.


Connect TrainingPeaks and TechnoGym

  1. Download the TechnoGym LIVE App for iPad and log in with your TechnoGym ID.
  2. Tap the 'Settings' icon on TechnoGym LIVE.
  3. Select the "Connections" tab and choose TrainingPeaks.
  4. You will be redirected to a TrainingPeaks authorization page to allow access. 
  5. Enter your TrainingPeaks athlete login credentials.
  6. If entered correctly, you will receive a confirmation that the authorization was successful.

Uploading a TrainingPeaks Structured Sorkout to TechnoGym


  1. Create a Structured Workout in your TrainingPeaks athlete account.* 
  2. Open the TechnoGym app on your iPad
  3. On a day for which you've planned a structured workout in TrainingPeaks, a 'TP' button will appear near the green 'Quick Start' button. 
  4. Click the 'TP' icon.  Tapping the icon will begin the workout.

*Please Note: TechnoGym MyRun does not accept structured workouts built by Rate of Perceived Exertion, % Function Threshold Power (for running), or mixed distance/time interval blocks. 

Executing the Structured Workout in TechnoGym


  1. The TechnoGym MyRun Treadmill will automatically change speed according to the TrainingPeaks workout.
  2. If you're multitasking on your iPad during the workout, an iOS banner notification will appear at the top of your screen seconds before a change in the workout set displaying the next interval.
  3. During the workout, TechnoGym LIVE will display by default in 'Dashboard' mode, which shows running metrics like cadence, stride, heart rate, and 'distance to next step'. The second dashboard screen shows workout summary statistics.


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