Peak Performances (Mobile)

Peak Performances on the TrainingPeaks mobile apps show your peak performances for power, heart rate, and pace by distance for the current year and for your entire workout history in TrainingPeaks.  

On the daily workout feed, a blue medal icon will indicate the number of peak performances achieved for that workout.

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When you tap on a workout to open it from the feed the specific peak performances achieve in that workout will be displayed at the top of the workout summary tab.  Round medals indicate peaks for the current year, star medals indicate All-Time peaks.  A performance will only display in the workout summary if it was at least a top 3 performance for the current year.

Screenshot_20170713-130924.png  summary.PNG       

You can also get an overview of your Peak Performances by tapping on the main Peaks tab.  There you will see a list of your top 20 peaks for the given sport type and selected time range.  (Note - running power isn't supported at this time.)  You can tap a Peak from the list to highlight it on the graph above, or you can tap on the Peak icon in the graph to select it from the list.  The graph can also be pinched or zoomed to see more detail of a specific data range.

Screenshot_20170713-130557.png  IMG_4395.PNG 


Peak Performances is a Premium TrainingPeaks feature. You can upgrade your account here or by tapping the "Upgrade" button in your account. Have a question about Peak Performances that isn't answered here? See our Peak Performances FAQ article.  Peak Performances is also available on TrainingPeaks online.





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