TrainingPeaks Athlete User Guide

Table of Contents


1. Account Settings

1.1 Account


  • Update your personal information (Name, address, birthdate, etc.)
  • Upload a profile photo
  • Update/Verify your email address (email address must be verified to receive daily workout emails, notifications, and/or newsletter)
  • Change Password




  • See which coach(es) you are currently attached to or shared with. Add a coach, share your account with a coach, or remove coaches from your account.


  • Paste this url into your Google, Outlook, Apple, or other third party calendar to sync your TrainingPeaks workout to that calendar

Email Options

  • Enable email of daily planned workouts, change delivery time, and opt in for the TrainingPeaks newsletter


  • Enable/Disable notifications such as uploaded workouts, comments from your coach, or suggested threshold changes

1.2 Zones

Heart Rate, Power, Speed/Pace

  • Set your thresholds and zones
    • Typically
      • Heart Rate for Bike and Run
      • Power for Bike
      • Speed/Pace for Run and Swim
    • Note: if you do not set a threshold for a specific sport and upload that sport type 'default' will be used.
    • Note: Setting your thresholds and zones is extremely important since all of the TrainingPeaks metrics are based on thresholds.


  • Enable/Disable Threshold Notifications
  • Enable/Disable 'Automatically apply new treshold'

1.3 Nutrition

Calorie Goals

  • Enter a daily calorie goal based on how many calories you want to consume exluding those that you would burn through exercise,. This number will be combined with the caloric expenditure from exercise and displayed in dashboard charts that display calories consumed vs calories expended

1.4 Equipment


2016-09-12_14-25-55 2016-09-12_14-26-45
  • Add bikes and/or shoes to track the mileage. Equipment can be selected from the workout QuickView and mileage will automatically accrue based on completed workouts

1.5 Layout

'Layout' allows you to customize what you see on your calendar, the week summary, QuickViews,  and what metrics are available.


  • Moving data items from 'available' to 'in use' will make them visible on your calendar. Use less data items to save room on your calendar.


  • Completed workouts will colorize based on compliance with planned duration, distance, or TSS. Moving the data item up or down in the list prioritizes it with top being given top priority.
  • Within 20% the workout will turn green, within 50% it will turn yellow, and over or under by more than 50% will turn red.


  • Dragging data items from 'Available' to 'In Use' makes the fields visible in the workout QuickViews.
  • These settings are sport specifid allowing QuickViews to be configured differently for different sport types.


2016-09-12_14-53-46 2016-09-12_15-28-20
  • Dragging metrics from 'available' to 'In Use' makes the metrics available when adding a metric on your calendar.

Week Summary

2016-09-12_14-55-04 2016-09-12_16-04-35
  • Dragging ATP items from 'Available' to 'In Use' makes the items visible on the right side of the calendar to help with weekly planning.
  • Note: You must have a completed Annual Training Plan (ATP) for these items to appear.

2. Calendar

  1. 2016-09-13_12-46-53 Plan a Workout, log a Metic, add a Goal or Event
    1. Click  to use the Workout Builder to automatically create a structured workout containing detailed intervals.
  2. 2016-09-12_10-59-57 Save a Workout to your Workout Library for future use
  3. 2016-09-12_11-00-12 Apply a Training Plan from your Training Plan Library
  4. Upload your workouts
    1. 2016-09-12_11-00-46 Upload a Compatible Device file from your computer
    2. Drag and drop a file onto your calendar, the file will be automatically uploaded to the correct day.
    3. Set up Autosync for your device
  5. Analyze a device file
    1. Click on a Workout to access the Quick View which contains summary information about the workout
    2. 2016-09-13_13-07-12 Click Analyze to analyze a file with charts and graphs in the Expanded View

Expanded View


  1. 2016-09-13_13-20-52 Download file, recalculate metrics
  2. 2016-09-13_13-21-46 Return to QuickView
  3. 2016-09-13_13-18-15 Charts Library
  4. 2016-09-13_13-18-58 Description, Pre/Post activity comments
  5. 2016-09-13_13-22-45 Elevation Correction
  6. 2016-09-13_13-23-34 Drag to resize window

3. Home


3.1 Weeks until next Event

Shows how many weeks until your next 'A' event.

3.2 Upcoming Events

Shows all upcoming events

3.3 Goals

View/Complete current goals or add a new goal

3.4 Upcoming Workouts

Today and tomorrow's scheduled workouts.

3.5 Today's Fitness and Ramp Rates

Today's Fitness, Fatigue, and Form and ramp rates for the last 7, 28, 90, and 365 days.

3.6 Today's Training Zones

View the corresponding training zones for today's scheduled workout(s)

4. Dashboard

  1. Drag and drop charts to your dashboard from your charts library 2016-09-13_13-18-15.
  2. Customize charts under under settings 2016-09-14_16-07-39.
  3. Add the same chart multiple times but customize it to view the data for different date ranges, sports, or in a different way.
  4. The Performance Manager Chart allows you to model your Fitness, Fatigue, and Form to help you plan the perfect peak for your goal Event.

5. ATP (Annual Training Plan)

  1. Create new ATP 2016-09-15_15-08-40
  2. Select existing ATP
  3. Edit current ATP 2016-09-15_11-02-13
  4. Adjust ATP Settings 2016-09-14_16-07-39
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