Strength Builder FAQs

Find answers to common questions about using the TrainingPeaks Strength Builder.

Q: Is the Strength Builder available for all athletes?

A: Yes, all athletes will be able to execute strength workouts built by their coach via the mobile app. Only Premium athletes will be able to plan their own strength sessions.

Q: Is the Strength Builder available on the mobile app?

A: At this time, the Strength Builder can only be used on the desktop site. Please note, that workouts can only be executed by athletes on the mobile app. Below is a video of what a strength workout will look like for athletes:


Q: What version of the mobile app is required for the new strength workouts?

A: The new Strength Builder requires TrainingPeaks mobile app version 12.10.0 or newer. 

Q: How many exercises are in the library?

A: The Strength Builder currently has 1000+ exercises with videos and instructions available for use. 

Q: Can I add my own custom exercises?

A: Yes. Just select “Create Custom Exercise” within a block. Once you save the exercise, it will only be available to you going forward. Custom Blocks are coming soon. 

Q: Can I enter my own videos?

A: Yes. Compatible file formats are YouTube and Vimeo links.

Q: Can I save the workouts in my Workout Library?

A: Yes, strength workouts can be added to your Workout Library for future use.

Q: Can strength workouts be exported to 3rd party apps + devices?

A: At this time, the exporting of strength workouts to 3rd party apps and devices is not available. Most devices are not capable of supporting planned strength workouts, but we hope to introduce this in the future.

While the pairing of strength files in the calendar is not available yet, this is also a feature that we hope to introduce in the future. For now, athletes can continue to upload completed strength files from their devices in a separate workout card.

Q: Will TSS be calculated within the new strength workouts?

A: TSS will continue to be calculated from uploaded device files. The strength builder does not have a planned TSS field currently.

Q: How can I provide feedback about the Strength Builder?

A: To leave your feedback regarding the Strength Builder, please have the new Strength Builder open, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the workout card, and then "Send Feedback". This will open a survey where you will be asked a few questions about your experience and any additional feedback you may have.

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