Sales Tax for TrainingPeaks Products

TrainingPeaks collects taxes from users purchasing products in select States in the United States as well as VAT from countries in the European Union.

On Which Products Does TrainingPeaks Collect Taxes?

  • Premium Athlete Subscriptions (1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month)
  • Coach Match Subscriptions (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Start up Fees)
  • Coach Subscriptions (Coach Edition, Coach Edition Unlimited, Coach Paid Premium Athletes, and License Fees)
  • Training Plans purchased in the Training Plan store and or on a Private Webpage
  • WKO software

States in the United States

In accordance with U.S., state, and local laws, all TrainingPeaks payments are subject to sales tax. Users residing in Boulder, Texas, and California will pay Sales Tax for their purchases through  

VAT - EU Taxes

As of December 1st, 2018, TrainingPeaks collects tax on any purchase made from an EU country.  VAT appears on your invoice as a line item.  TrainingPeaks collects Value Added Tax (VAT) to comply with VAT regulations for our customers in the EU.  TrainingPeaks collects VAT at the rate determined by European Union tax regulations and is individual for each country. The VAT amount can be anywhere from an extra 18% – 27% on your subscription payments, depending on the country on which you are charged.
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