Peak Performances

Peak Performances in TrainingPeaks show when you set a new peak performance for power, heart rate, and pace by distance for the current year and for your entire workout history in TrainingPeaks.  

On the calendar workout tile, a medal icon will indicate the number of Peak Performances achieved for that workout.

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When you open the workout to open the workout Quickview a single preview peak performance achieved in that workout will be displayed at the top of the workout summary. A performance will only display on a workout if it was at least a top 3 performance for the current year.  Peaks are only available for Bike, Run, and MTB activities. 

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You can then click the button below the preview Peak to see a list of all of the Peak Performances set for that workout.

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From the workout quickview you can click on a specific Peak Performance to open the expanded analysis view with that particular Peak Performance selected and highlight.

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To compare a Peak Performance to other performances from that year or all-time you can click "compare" next to that Peak to open your Peak Performance history. From here you can filter by type, duration/distance, and sport.

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You can remove a Peak Performance from the list by clicking the "x" to the right of the workout in the list of Peak Performances.  This will not remove or correct the data from the workout - it will only remove the workout from your list of Peaks.


Peak Performances is a Premium TrainingPeaks feature. You can upgrade your account here or by tapping the "Upgrade" button in your account. Have a question about Peak Performances that isn't answered here? See our Peak Performances FAQ article.  You can also see Peak Performances, including a list of your all-time and current year Peaks on the TrainingPeaks Mobile app.

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