Structured Workout Builder FAQ

This article provides more in-depth information about the TrainingPeaks Structured workout builder and common issues or questions you may encounter with it.  For an overview of the Workout Builder and basic instructions see this article.

  • As a workout is created, the Workout Builder will calculate as much information as it can based on the available information. The duration (or distance), TSS, and IF will be automatically calculated and entered in the "Planned" details column.  Distance will be calculated for duration based workouts and vice versa as long as there is a threshold pace or speed set for that sport type.  Make sure that you have correct thresholds and zones set for you (or your athletes if you are a coach) to get the most out of the Workout Builder.
  • The minimum duration of any interval is 5 seconds, 0.01 miles or kilometers, or 10 meters or yards 
  • Written instructions (Workout Details) for the workout will be automatically generated under the "Post-Activity Comments" Section.
  • When a structured workout is applied to an athlete's calendar the Workout Details will automatically calculate the prescribed heart rate or power targets and the target zone based on that athlete's current threshold and zones settings for that workout type.  This means that an athlete can continue to use the same workout from their library as their threshold or zones settings change over time, and a coach can use the same workout for all of their athlete's without the need to calculate specific targets for each athlete.
  • Structured workouts that were built with on the TrainingPeaks Classic site using the now retired Structured Workout Builder are designated with an "L" in the Workout Library and on the Workout Calendar Tile.  These cannot be converted to the new Workout Builder format automatically, but the Workout Builder is available in these Legacy workouts to manually rebuild them based on the instructions in the workout.
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