Can I get a refund for the TrainingPeaks Coaching Services?

Yes. We offer a no-risk satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not happy with your coaching service within the first 30 days, we will give you all of your money back. Please keep in mind that you also have the option of being rematched with a different TrainingPeaks Accredited Coach or changing coaching levels.

Why would we offer a money back guarantee?

Our TrainingPeaks Level 2 Accredited Coaches are excellent at coaching. Every Level 2 coach has been personally trained by TrainingPeaks staff and really know how coaching works. We are confident that a Level 2 coach can help you achieve your training goals.

Beyond that, we believe in the practice of coaching in general. From the success stories of thousands of athletes from amateur to elite, we’ve seen that there is nothing that will boost your performance like getting a professional coach to design your training program in an objective and purposeful way, and provide feedback on a regular basis. We know that if you follow the plan of a qualified coach (which our Level 2 Accredited Coaches definitely are), you will see improvements and results. We’re so confident in that, we’re willing to “put our money where our mouth is” and offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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