TSS Calculation Troubleshooting

If you are having issues with TSS calculations, please check here first for some possible explanations:

  • Bike TSS is incorrect or missing.  Bike TSS requires power data.  TrainingPeaks needs power data for at least 80% of your total workout time in order to calculate bike TSS.  If you have attached a power file, but you are seeing hrTSS or tTSS or no TSS at all, this could be the issue.  Avoid turning on your device for long periods before and/or after your ride.  If you have an uploaded device file, you may need to "recalculate" (click the small arrow next to the uploaded filename).


  • No TSS or incorrect TSS for Workout Type RACE.  If you have designated your workout as a RACE, you may not see the most accurate TSS type, for example, if your race is a bike race with power data attached, you will not see a bike TSS. This is because we don't know which type of race you are logging.  To be sure that your bike races have a bike score associated with them, enter them as type BIKE, this is the best practice for all workouts - enter them as the appropriate workout type to get the best score.


  • Other types of scores are incorrect or is missing.  Make sure you have gone in to “My Settings” , “Zones” and set up your thresholds for all workout types.  If you use the backfill calculator make sure to enter thresholds for all workout types you are backfilling.  Make sure that at least the minimum amount of information required for the specific calculation is present (see below).


Different types of scores require different information, for each type of score calculation, you need, at a minimum:

TSS - Bike TSS requires power data in watts for 80% of your ride time, power threshold set
rTSS - Run TSS requires elevation data and threshold speed values set
sTSS - Swim TSS requires workout duration, distance and threshold speed set  for swimming (in minutes per 100 meters or yards)
hrTSS - Heart Rate TSS, requires HR data and threshold HR set
tTSS - Trimps TSS requires workout duration and average heart rate for that workout
TSS - Manually entered TSS value
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