How to Set your Thresholds and Calculate your Zones

Once you have determined your threshold value you can enter that in your TrainingPeaks account settings to get the most accurate workout data.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click your name in the upper right
  3. Click account settings
  4. Click or scroll to "Zones"
  5. In each threshold type section (Heart Rate, Power, Speed/Pace) you have the options of a Default value and a specific value for each sport type.  If you have a different threshold for each sport type (heart rate for running vs. cycling, for example) you will want to set threshold and zones for each one. The "Default" values will be used for any sport type that doesn't have a specific setting.
  6. Enter your threshold heart rate, power, or pace, and then select your auto-calculation method
  7. Click Save


Read more about setting thresholds and why they are important here.

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