Why Are My Strength Exercise Videos Not Playing?

Ensure your custom exercise videos are available to your athletes in the TrainingPeaks mobile app.

You've put in the work to create your own custom strength workouts. Your athletes will appreciate seeing your face and getting instruction from their coach. But, what happens if your exercise videos are not playing in the mobile app?

Let's troubleshoot:

1. Are you using a YouTube or Vimeo URL?

Your video link will need to be a YouTube or Vimeo link. 

2. Are your video Privacy Settings set to "Public" or "Unlisted?"

Make sure that your YouTube video Privacy Settings are set to 'Public' or 'Unlisted', and "Allowed embedding". Private videos will NOT be available in the TrainingPeaks mobile app.

When using Vimeo, we recommend setting all videos to "public."

3. Is there music playing in the background of your video?

YouTube and Vimeo may block your video for copyright infringement. Remove sound from your video or check your YouTube or Vimeo account for copyright infringements.

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