Reviewing Your Athletes' Logged Strength Sessions

Once your athlete has completed a strength workout, you can analyze it on an exercise-by-exercise basis. Easily compare what was planned to what your athlete executed from within the completed strength workout card. The steps below explain where you can review your athlete's compliance.

Analyze a Completed Strength Workout

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  1. Open a completed strength workout card
  2. View the bottom left corner of the workout card for a comparison of what was planned vs. what your athlete completed
  3. Planned values will be crossed out if the athlete completed a different value than what was prescribed

Color compliance will be based on the number of sets completed vs. what was planned. 

  • Green: Completed number of sets is +/- 20% of planned
  • Yellow: Completed number of sets is 50%-79% or 121-150% of planned 
  • Orange: Completed # of sets is more than 50% above or below planned
  • Red: Exercise was not completed
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